The ESH Green club is a small but committed group of students that wants to see ESH doing more in the realm of sustainability. We run sustainability projects in collaboration with students and staff, and facilitate communication between various stakeholders and community who have complementary goals or interests in the area of rendering our school more eco-friendly..

Our vision

​​The Green Club’s vision is to go down a path of Eco-friendly sustainability and recycling for our school. We believe that with everybody’s support and participation, we will succeed on this cleaner and greener path.


The Green Club is a driving force for sustainability efforts at ESH. We are a sustainability service-provider that connects students, staff, and the community. ​As such, we empower student initiatives and facilitate cooperation between departments to achieve ESH’s sustainability goals. We raise awareness, inspire creativity and collaborative thinking about sustainability challenges. We believe that with shared responsibility, transparency and accountability we will succeed on this cleaner and greener path.