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Our first flyer has been handed out! The ESH Green Club is now up and ready! We hope we will be able to improve sustainability at ESH and encourage all like-minded students to reach out to us!

Special thanks to Radu for the original design of our very first flyer and to Fred for coming up with the initial design of such a catchy logo!


After about a month or so of inactivity due to the Christmas holidays and exams, the ESH Green Club finally got back together and had a meeting yesterday (Wednesday 29th) evening, where we welcomed a few new members and assigned specific jobs to each person in the club, ranging from research to management and social outreach. The canteen committee will soon be contacted in order to make it more follow some more eco-friendly rules, and some research is being done on the recycling processes of The Hague and how our school can best get involved. Also, some of our members will soon be attending a conference with the green clubs of other schools in order to exchange ideas with them!

We also closed our survey to new answers, and here are the results of one of the questions in it:

Clearly, a large majority of our students and staff agree that a significant increase in effort is needed. The ESH Green Club is here to take care of it!

Stay tuned for our future updates!


Initial talks and ideas have been exchanged between the school’s director, Mrs. Steele and the ESH Green Club, represented by Taja and Mark. We discussed the establishment of the Club, its purpose, continuity and financing as well as some of our ideas for the future. It was a very productive and friendly meeting and we look forwards to follow-up discussions to make more specific arrangements.

The next meeting is already planned for Wednesday 11 December. We will keep you posted! 😀